Rent Photo Booths - doesn't pay it's workers

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I was contracted to setup a photobooth for a wedding.The wedding went great and everything was fine.

When the invoice was sent to Rolland Elliott to pay the AGREED upon price, I never received a response. I have added late fees after 3 months and still no reply. NEVER hire, Rolland Elliott or Perfect Portraits for an event. The product is ***.

I had to use some of my own equipment cause their's was broken. They don't pay the workers. Never use them. They are scammers that put out a defective product.

They are based in North Carolina and currently are rated an F by the Better Business Bureau.

They have 50 complaints againts them, thats right 50!!!!Never use them and tell your friends not to.

Review about: Photobooth.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #809670

This Rolland Elliott is a *** artist, liar, and a thief. Do not do any business of any kind with him, he WILL steal your money. If you have been ripped off by him report him to the police.

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